We’re planning to launch our first game, Curse Words, on Kickstarter in summer 2023! Be excited!

Curse Words is a card game for filthy people. It’s good, unclean fun, perfect for parties, weddings and funerals, and is the second best excuse for shouting the c-word in a crowded public building (like I did in a recent game. Sorry Mum).


We’ve been working on Curse Words since mid-2022, including regular playtests with the experts at Playtest UK Birmingham – who between them have published approximately… sh*tloads of games – as well as more casual (but equally important) gamers. We’re sincerely grateful to all these playtesters for their time, ideas, feedback and laughter which have helped make the game what it is.

This process has been a ton of fun and has had us howling, so if you’re as immature as we are we’re confident you’ll dig the game. If you’re local to Birmingham and would like to get involved with playtesting, get in touch!

Favourite swears?

Bad language is fun, but which words are the most fun? Enter some of your favourite NSFW-words in the box below, and we’ll combine submissions in a piece of digital art (a Curse Words-themed word cloud).